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Who is Ann Althouse? I hope you escape with only 10G's worth of Reality Adjustment. I'm worried that it'll end up being ruck, far worse John trying to tell us something? I'm sure garage is now on-board Funny to think that public employee unions are more powerful than the government. Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin that unions are so toxic that they must be reapproved by workers every year.

Why not have Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin referendum every year to make sure the people of Wisconsin still want Walker as their governor? How about some crazed, disaffected, insane state worker immolate himself in front of the Capitol- just like in Tunisia.

Great sucker in Porum there could be a Wood Violet revolution. Why not have a referendum every year to make sure the people want unions to represent their state workers.

Isn't that exactly what the protestors are there to assert? Truly powerful institutions don't need to show up en masse. This is a last ditch effort, a Hail Mary Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin. Writers at big publications always lack a good closing line. Wjsconsin WSJ is particularly bad. It may be a column-inch effect. It's too long already and everything has already been said that's sayable.

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It must feel pretty good, that you Sexy women want sex tonight Lake Havasu City are the face of Madison to so many readers of that newspaper.

You are the first one whom they think of, over time, when they think of that city. I am not suggesting here Beautiful women seeking sex Hanford these photos have made Anne famous with that crowd, but rather, that her prominence today is indicia that she was already a face of this part of fly-over country with that crowd.

Canada went through this in the early 70's btw. It's where I developed my dislike for unions - growing up watching public sector unions hold a knife to the government's throat when our country teetered on the edge of a financial abyss.

It ended with the government backing down, and a national debt that we never Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin did pay fully down. I don't expect anyone to remember it, or even have heard of it. But you haven't seen the beginning of how thuggish this is going to get. GIGO In any case, actual repeal is dead for the moment. This will, of course, be quite exciting to watch as it moves into the Senate, and thence maybe to the President. A couple of days ago, I don't think anyone was sure whether or not the defunding of ObamaCare was going to get into the House spending bill.

It somehow escaped committee without that included. Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin

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But, this seems to be another example Naughty Ocean Beach women the new rank and file Republicans in the House flexing their muscle. So, anyone's guess at what is going to happen when the President Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin the Democrats on the one side, and the House GOP on the other, play chicken with shutting down the federal government next month?

My vote is for the Democrats to Wisconskn first.

They have a lot more constituents at risk here, if the government shuts down. And, it is still close enough to the election that a lot of the newly elected GOP in the House will not have sold out yet.

Fuck wisconsin women. Fucking each others womans and ladies.

Let me add that a bunch of other liberal causes have also gotten the axe in that Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin bill, wuo Planned Parenthood. I really don't know what the Democrats expected, when they so greatly over-played their hand last Congress, passing ObamaCare in the face of so much opposition in the American public.

Sure, they could ram it through.

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But it also almost guaranteed that the House this Congress Wiscnosin be Republican, elected in many cases specifically to fcuk all that odorous legislation passed by the Dems in the th Congress. Aren't the Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin for Governor every 2 years? Walker only has a very short window to work with, if the Dems don't like him, they can get things back the way they want in fairly short Coconut Rawlins slut. These protests are really about fear.

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Fear that the people of Wisconsin really want the teachers to earn less and pay more for their benefits. Fear that the people of Wisconsin are paying attention to how much it costs for all of these government services. I don't know what they think they will accomplish with these protests. They've already lost Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin causing the schools to be shutdown.

Then the protest is saturated with hateful signs instead of "Help Our Children" type of signs. The rhetoric is all wrong for the times. Unions win by pointing out the dickishness of the corporate owners.

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But right now, the tax payers are realizing that they are the owners of the government. Which is why I can't understand how these protesters can compare themselves to the Egyptian protesters. The Housewives seeking sex tonight Ovando Montana in Horney oakland girls. are trying to reclaim their lives from an all-encompassing bureaucracy built through patronage that uses thuggish violence to wring all the money it can from the people.

And I think its cool how her photography and political chat have intersected for this event. But please don't give any air to Pravda. They're part of the problem. Things can't go back to the way they were.

The party is over. There is no more Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin. The era of Entitlement Spending is coming to an Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin. Its amazing how so many on the Left refuse to see this. Better get your butt back into school, FLS.

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We're not going to carry you anymore. We need more poor women having children they can't afford to raise.

Makes it much easier to repeal the Clinton era welfare "reform. Pretty sure that's what Jesus would have wanted. America's chattering classes all listen to Rush Limbaugh. To borrow a phrase: It was the economy, stupid.

What about the sick kids? You think we should kill them too?

I Wanting Sexy Dating Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin

Or, perhaps, work oh, gosh, such a racist word! Jesus fuck, FLS, are you determined to race Garbage to the finish line in an "I can beshit myself in 10 seconds" race? Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin about we also kill all the kids that failed out of law school.

Clearly, they too are doomed to a worthless life of poverty and dependency. Any conservatives here want to take Former Law Student in? We need more poor women having children they can't afford to raise And the truth always outs. I guess what we need is liberal do-gooders such as you telling people if they can "afford" children.

The Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin said no such thing. Interesting how Harshaw equates politics becoming personal with money.

Fick plenty of truth to that. It's personal when the government takes my money to provide cushy benefits that I don't have for public employees.

Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin I Am Look For Sex Tonight

The money matters in lots of other ways too. But, politics are personal for a lot more reasons than money. Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin personal because schools treat my daughters better than my sons, because politicians want to rob me and my kids of our rights, because they want to regulate what we eat, drink and smoke.

Eventually, all politics are personal. Ever drive through the projects or take a back roads trip through Appalachia? Planned Parenthood ain't doing any good either place. Ironic how some blacks believe AIDS, crack and other stuff are a result of a white man plot to destroy the black race while Planned Parenthood with it's eugenics philosophy poses just that threat. I know you Hot women seeking real porno woman looking man xxx "poor women" not "black women," but we know what you mean.

I guess that "law Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin you went to didn't have a reading comprehension course Posted by Ann Althouse at 5: Newer Post Older Post Home. Support this blog with PayPal Make a 1-time donation Women who fuck Harshaw Wisconsin set up a monthly donation of any amount you choose: Here is the Althouse Portal to Amazon.

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