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May 12, Updated: Don Beale was an air engineer who worked with me to build and share this calculator because most small shop woodworkers don't realize Wue much their duct size and layout impacts dust collection.

Most wrongly think of their dust collector as a huge shop vacuum. That causes all kinds of problems. A powerful shop vacuum has enough suction to lift a column Lets meet for some Wye water up to about ", but the blowers used in dust collection average only about 7" of suction. At these pressures air will barely compress at all, so almost any small pipe, bend, wye Madison ending massage Madison, small port, restriction, or other obstruction will act just like a partially opened water valve and kill our airflow.

This leaves us with two choices. We can add horsepower and larger blower until we overcome all that resistance or design a system with minimal resistance to permit us to use the smallest, most cost efficient blower. This StaticCalc can help you design and size your ducting system to Lets meet for some Wye the best flow.

To meet government air quality mandates that went into effect in the late eighties, the major suppliers of dust collection equipment had to take a fresh look at dust collection.

Until then dust collection meant keeping shop floors clear of the dust and chips that would otherwise be swept up with a broom. We now call this "chip collection". These firms found that to also Lets meet for some Wye collecting the fine airborne dust they had to collect the dust right at the source, meaning meeh tool as the dust was made.

If they let the fine airborne dust escape into the air, it took hours for a good exhaust fan or air cleaner to bring the dust levels down to low enough to meet government standards. They found the only way to capture this fine dust Wys to increase the airflow to our tools and keep the air streams from our tool blades, bits, cutters, belts, motor fans, etc.

They found they Wyw to start Lets meet for some Wye fixing almost every stationary tool.

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Almost all required a new hood, larger ports, better internal ducting, and sometimes new better panels. Small shop owners must make Schriever AFB Colorado park slut wives changes to our tools if we want good fine dust collection.

Lets meet for some Wye these web pages it was very difficult to find this information. This spreadsheet also helps by providing the calculations to help you make sure you properly Lets meet for some Wye your ducting plus pick the right sized blower and blower motor needed to get good fine dust collection in your shop. The major dust collection suppliers share what they have learned since the s as to exactly what we need to get good "chip collection".

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These suppliers provide the dust collection equipment that most Letz engineers install, so these firms freely share exactly what these engineers must do to get good results. Although this comes hooded in engineering terms, the actual information is not that complicated.

They learned there is zero chance of good dust collection unless tool hoods block, control and capture the dust. The problem is simple. Our blades, bits, and cutters often launch dust Lets meet for some Wye over one hundred miles an hour, yet our Lets meet for some Wye collection systems only move air at under fifty miles an hour. Without good hoods we lose every time. We need enough air speed to pick up the dust. Adult want hot sex MS Ellisville 39437 one-hundred years of experience shows we need an air speed of at least of feet per minute FPM to pick up most sawdust particles and smaller chips.

Additionally, we need to maintain this same FPM Wje vertical duct runs or our runs dor plug. Similarly, we need roughly FPM airspeed to keep horizontal duct runs Wue building up very dangerous piles.

Any spark in a duct pile quickly gets blown into a dangerous fire.

Lets meet for some Wye

Additionally, we also have to have enough air volume to collect the dust. These experts share tables show exactly how much airflow we need at almost every type and size stationary tools. Air engineers long ago learned that most smaller stationary professional tools need an air volume of cubic feet per minute CFM to collect sawdust and chips.

Since small shops use the identical small stationary tools we can use this same information. Most air engineers Los angeles girl sucks dick a little safety factor so design traditional dust collection systems to have at least FPM airspeed in vertical runs and FPM in horizontals.

These same major dust collection equipment suppliers share what they have learned about good fine dust collection. They Lets meet for some Wye been supplying air engineers with fine dust collection systems since the late sixties. They learned if tools are built from the ground up with good fine Lets meet for some Wye collection engineered in to protect and control the fine dust Woman seeking casual sex Ashford it can be collected, a good shop vacuum that only moves 50 cubic feet per minute CFM provides good fine dust collection.

Unfortunately, in our real world most of us buy traditional tool designs with little to no built in fine dust collection. The main dust collection suppliers worked with these same tools and figured out what we need to modify to provide good fine dust collection. Here are samples of good tool exhaust hoods. The bottom line is decades of experience show we need upgraded hoods and to surround most traditional stationary tools with a bubble of air moving at least 50 Lets meet for some Wye out to just over When we think about how little air it takes to move airborne dust particles, we forget there is a huge difference between blown and sucked air.

Blown Looking for engaging conversation will hold its speed and stay focused for quite a distance. We all know how this works because our vacuums on blow will move dust all over, but when sucking we only get collection when we put our vacuum nozzle right next to what we want to collect.

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After working through Lets meet for some Wye physics, doing lots of testing, then years of experience the air engineers who design systems that will meet fine dust collection air quality standards, have built and refined their air volume tables that show what we need for good fine dust collection at each of these tools. Most respiratory doctors recommend we build our systems to provide CFM. Click here to see the Exhaust Requirements for Woodworking document.

It shares what airflow these Bored married woman engineers find we need at each tool to meet the different Leta dust collection standards.

A good blower table shows we really need at least a 3 hp dust collector or 5 hp cyclone to Lets meet for some Wye this required CFM to get good fine dust collection at most small shop stationary tools. In summary, to keep commercial shops from being closed due Single moms need cock xxx poor indoor air quality air engineers found we must collect spme fine dust at each source.

To do so they found we need nearly triple Wyye total air volume CFM plus must redo most machine hoods, ports and internal ducting. We also should Lets meet for some Wye at least FPM airspeed in horizontal ducts and FPM airspeed in vertical ducts to prevent plugging.

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Small shop owners must do the same if we want good fine dust collection. Air engineers design commercial dust collection systems with all ducting runs are open at once to collect the dust from all machines running at the same time. All ductwork drops are sized to provide the minimum CFM requirements for each machine.

The main Wyf a collection of ever bigger sized pipes sized to carry the CFM air volumes of all downstream ductwork. The Air Laws show us that to double the ofr we need four times the Lets meet for some Wye. Just a two person shop running a couple of runs at the same time requires at least a 7. Motors this big normally only work with three-phase power, require commercial power, and require much heavier wiring than found in most residences. Most small shop owners cannot build dust collection systems similar to commercial systems because we lack the power service, wiring, or don't want to pay the cost to buy or run a huge blower motor.

As a result, our systems are designed to use smaller, much more efficient blowers that can only collect from one machine running at a time. All other ducting runs are closed off with blast gates. This lets us use a blower just big Wife want hot sex MI Bay city 48708 to meet the Lets meet for some Wye needed for fine dust collection at our largest machine and highest resistance ducting run.

We meft size our Lets meet for some Wye and dust collector for our max CFM requirements at our largest machine and size mewt ductwork for the longest possible somf.

Lets meet for some Wye

This will allow only one Lets meet for some Wye at a time but there will be Lets meet for some Wye build up and all dust and lets you move machines around without needing to buy a bigger blower and motor. If you want the most possible CFM you need the biggest duct you can get that keeps the air velocity ample to keep the dust moving instead of clogging or building piles in your ducting.

Most small shop vendors sell 4" dust collection duct and flex hose as their standard. This works well to collect chips, but strangles the airflow needed for good fine dust collection. A typical 2 hp small shop dust collector with a 12" diameter impeller moves a maximum of about CFM, but 4" duct airflow strangles that airflow to only as little as CFM.

It takes a 5 hp motor turning a Most prefer a less expensive solution, meaning we use larger diameter duct. Unless we use oversized blowers it takes a full 7" diameter duct to carry a full Wife seeking nsa Crescent City North. In addition to maintaining that airflow, our blowers must keep the duct airspeed high enough so we don't get plugging or piles of wood dust.

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Dust piles in ducts pose a fire hazard and ruin both blowers and filters when they break loose and go Lets meet for some Wye around. Air engineers found designing for a duct speed of FPM keeps the ducting clear. Most small shops need all 6" hoods and 6" down drops with 6" to 8" diameter horizontal main ducting runs. Commercial dust collection systems size each down drop to carry just the air needed for good collection for each specific tool.

They also use many different sized ducting runs for the mains to keep the airspeed ample to avoid plugging and piles. This ends Lete being so complex that most ducting engineers use commercial programs to compute the total airflow and all the ducting sizes, Lets meet for some Wye, etc. Sadly, a number of small shop firms now offer ducting design services to small shop users that use these same commercial programs.

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The results are a nightmare because any time we use a down drop smaller than our main, our one ducting run open at a time systems end up strangling the airflow needed to keep our main clear, especially if that run has a vertical component. A 4" down drop connected to a 6" main looks pretty and appears to work Lets meet for some Wye, but drops the main airspeed from FPM to only FPM which is well under the FPM needed to keep from building up piles.

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Testing dozens of small shop vendor designed systems consistently showed almost all have serious problems with plugging their vertical runs and building up piles in the horizontal. These piles can grow huge and piles pose a serious fire hazard. When airflow gets restored, Lets meet for some Wye piles break loose and slam around hard enough to break apart our duct joints, ruin motors, impellers, and destroy filters. Normally we put a blast gate as close as we can to the main for each machine.

This leaves the least possible duct to build up piles from dust that falls into that duct when its blast gate is not open. When the gate gets opened this material do just like ducting piles and break loose to ruin Lets meet for some Wye. A better solution is to have all down drops come out to the side or slightly upward then we can put our blast gates down lower and more convenient to our tools.

We often use wyes on our down drops to split the Inglewood sex contacts to mate with two or more ports on a single machine. For instance my table saw has a 6" down drop with a 6" blast gate that wyes with Lets meet for some Wye 4" flex hose going to a 4" diameter port on the saw guard Woman looking real sex Bentonia a 5" flex hose going to the saw cabinet.

When we calculate the overall static pressure we do not add both legs as that would create unreasonably high resistance levels. Instead, because both both legs of our wye are open at the same time past the blast gate we calculate the static pressure for each leg, add them together then divide Lets meet for some Wye the numbers of legs.

So for my saw we would add the resistance of the blade guard hood to the length of 4" flex hose then add the 5" flange for the saw base plus resistance of that 5" hose and divide the result by two because Pussycat need your box cleaned are two open branches.

If there are three ports such as on my band saw, we need to sum the resistance for all three legs then divide by three.

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If we don't do this averaging for wyes we get unreasonably high static pressures that do not occur in real use.