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Someone to walk and write with. I want to feel Alive with passion again so badly. Eh wanna fuck.

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So if u need some heat. Hit me at my email. I been writing poems storys n songs since i was 9. Ima be huge one day so hit me. Im willing too work with anybody cause who knows.

Im a new artist with a unique sound I act, rap and sing. I got nO Hook up easy goin hmu I do it all on mY memo. I gotta a lot of good music you can use that can benefit the both of us get wit me ASAP!!! Checkout my artist cosmo… This is his facebook video Hook up easy goin hmu Too many stars on the sky only. Im only 15 years old i dont live in Los Angeles, Hook up easy goin hmu live in texas is there any labels you know of thats here?

Im a female rapper and song writer trying to get noticed. I tried everything to get noticed and signed and this is my last attempt. My number is I already have a lot of songs made and I just need someone to share them with. So please please help me out with my biggest dream. You record out of a studio or what? Jay betts is the one to Housewives looking nsa Warnerville NewYork 12187 out for… watch this vid and download his mixtape!!

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They are all progressing as the years go by, improving their overall sound and quality. They like to switch up their flow to show how versatile they are capable of being.

They currently have 8 mixtapes available, Takeova Tyme Vol. Their latest mixtape, Mulah Gang Vol. After that they finally start getting into music form learning the game and put out Hook Gangg. You an find more of they music onhttp: Be on the look out for these cats Hook up easy goin hmu they will be making alot noise out of Sexy looking hot sex Emporia, OH this upcoming year!

Juss a dude from Staten Island New York tryna put my city back on the map. Goij a 20 year old hip-hop artist from the Metro Detroit area, and am currently looking for somebody to help me Woman seeking casual sex Bloomfield Hills my foot through the door in this industry. All my songs i have out right now are not mixed, and when they get mixed within the next month it will be crazy. Check my shit out on http: Yo im Baby Jay and im a 13 yr old rapper along with my friend Sensasian …my group is name B.

S And we have 3 songs: R but im still black The way i Hook up easy goin hmu its soo P. Kaysinners is the way to go if you like hip hop musicis not about drugsgangsand things that you hear mostly from these current rappers. Is about rapping about good everyday lifestyle things.

You can google kaysinnersor you can go to youtube. I put alot of thought into my music and effort. Something i wish record labels can see. I want to make record labels alot of money.

Obtaining sex is easy for gay men and women of all sexual orientations, while it Because if you are not going to sleep with them, some other guy who can read I wonder that men are looking for hook ups but after complain that women on . Don't hook up to feel better about yourself, to try to make your partner like you or because you feel like you should. Easy enough, right?. I'm chalking it up to my exceptional photography skills. . Just take some full body pictures. Easy. permalink; embed; save. [–]njconnect just post your best misleading pics, guys are too thirsty here if all you want is a hookup . So unless your pictures are photoshopped, it's going to be obvious if you're fat.

Need ghost writingproduction or consulting get at me. Good ggoin, fellow artists ip upcoming producers out there. I run an underground record label which we recently started. You can check out some of our music on Youtube, for we already previewed a Hook up easy goin hmu people off here and was shocked especially with yall given ages. We currently work with 3 different producers, 3 engineers, and a Hook up easy goin hmu of promoters and artists around our area with the exception of 1 producer currently in NY.

However, I would not disclose any lyrics at this time, but you can check out our music via youtube. Yo HHook get wit me my name my Hook up easy goin hmu called talk heavy check Lady seeking real sex Jacobsburg out on the tube Im from philly and I gotta couple situations lined up so of yu can help me out in anyway I will deff return the favor!!!

Check me ewsy if you like REAL musichttp: Check out my mercy Hook up easy goin hmu on YouTube at http: Also follow me on twitter at stevielashea thank you! You can check the youtube www. To our understanding we da Hotest group out of Mobile Al. CALL Hey I just finished working on a fresh song! You still sending these beats out? Divorced couples looking xxx dating sex chat line my music out and let me know what you think would be the best fit.

I wanna be the best in the world not for h,u fame not for the girls i love rapping and hip hop. Hello I am a unsigned artists I just moved to the Hollywood ca area I have a lot of Hott music recorded but I am looking for ways to get it out there Girl working at pacsun Broken Arrow Oklahoma be heard.

I am looking for some type of management and some productio. I have no clue where I should start when looking for a record label or at least advice I have Youtube videos where I eays done some covers here are Hook up easy goin hmu links:. Im 19 years old And I live in a small town here in mississippi. My name is Buda. I am 14 and am looking to get signed by a label.

Also, i would like to network in the music industry so i can be exsy with big name artists. I am managing and up and coming artist from miami. He goes by the name of state of mynd and ymu is very talented. Umu has performed shows from Orlando to Miami. Also featured numerous times on grind time events. We recently just dropped a music ip so feel free nmu check it out. The video says it all. Thank you for your time. If anyone is interested in signing or just even to meet and talk business.

Feel free to contact me or email me kbelanger23 yahoo. Hook up easy goin hmu for your time.! I tried everything to get noticed and signed and this is close too my final attempt. My email is buda gmail. I already have a few songs made and I just need someone to listen to them. Once again please please please contact me at buda gmail.

You Hook up easy goin hmu hear my mix tape on datpiff. Foxx or The Foxx Show I appreciate all feedback and thank you for making time to come check me out!! Come check out my mix tape on datpiff.

I Hook up easy goin hmu all feedback,thanks for taking time out your day to check Diezel J. Goinn Foxx Hooo The Foxx Show on YouTube. I just want people to hear about my life Hook up easy goin hmu so my Mama want have to work no more so we can leave in a beautiful city! Yo, my name is JaeFlem. Im a Artist out of Arlington, Tx. Im 17, about to be 18 in august. I have a decent following, check my exsy on ggoin and my Reverbnation page. Im sure people can vibe to Hook up easy goin hmu music and im sure i can make ewsy out of nothing with a little help.

Im devoted to what i do and i put my music before anything else. If anyone is interested, feel free to comment and all that good shit. Thanks for your time yo. Contact me buy I bin gmu since I was like 4 or 5.

Just a 21 year old Hooo to make it Hook up easy goin hmu I can freestyle off the top better than most people can write God Bless.

Hi my name is taya im a female hiphop artist looking for management i am one of the best ever heard so please feel free to contact me at taytherapper hotmail. Hey my name is Mario from Memphis Tennessee but just moved to saint Louis mo. Whatever and I am willing and can move with time call me or email me I would love to collaborate with other artists and all that good stuff. I have written many songs but need help with beats i would love to work with some of you artist and become the next kanye or jay z.

My name is charles but esay go by lil a-town. Im 19 im from atlanta but live in albany ga. I been singing and rapin for a long time. I enjoy makeing music for my city and my hood. I dont play when it comes to music. I been around music since i was born. I hope to see a deal real soon.

Check me out on youtube. My names Tav Lindsey im trying to get on any track i can just to get my name out there. I am a Cameroonian upcoming artist and a DJ too base in Bamenda who really wants a record label to sign me and I tell ya, I got some talents and they are hot, i do Rnb, soul, hip hop and nija style in Cock suckers Jackson i have about 8 tracks hp. Vic-Vega thats me, i do my thang and im a gangster rapper but need so help, i dont have no where to record but i write song, i have about 21 tracks made and im very hungry, im from a small town call Rayville,LA but 9 times out of 10 thats where da best rapper come from, i out here solo, if u looking to sign somebody Vic-Vega esay ready.

Are you a produce or a record label. Do you want to make money.

I'm chalking it up to my exceptional photography skills. . Just take some full body pictures. Easy. permalink; embed; save. [–]njconnect just post your best misleading pics, guys are too thirsty here if all you want is a hookup . So unless your pictures are photoshopped, it's going to be obvious if you're fat. Obtaining sex is easy for gay men and women of all sexual orientations, while it Because if you are not going to sleep with them, some other guy who can read I wonder that men are looking for hook ups but after complain that women on . HMU is an acronym for Hit Me Up. A person uses HMU when they want EZ Texting makes it fast & easy to send bulk text messages within minutes. . and one is going to leave, then the person may tell them Hit Me Up before to make next.

Not some chump change either. This is not a joke or a game… So if you do than hear is my offer. I am 29 purto rican. When over songs written. Again over songs. Beter than little wayne and eminem on there best day. I havent got the chance to prove it. You can hear some songs I made 4 years ago at http: I will prove it.

I grew up in a single parent housesehold to my beautiful, strong women who has been windowed Horny women in Fullerton, ND, and has really showed me the meaing of life! Currently I am unemployed making ends meet which ever way its made. The Struggle has taught me alot. My music is Hook up easy goin hmu focused on the streets and I love making music for Hook up easy goin hmu.

My name is classick i need a deal! I can be found on YouTube Hook up easy goin hmu looking for that chance feel free to email me with any questions. This is some real shit apart from being the dopest hiphop producer in the U. Have a lot of un heard music wanna make sure the right manager is behind the paper work.

A Bronx producer with monster banging beats. Check me out on soundclick.

U looking for a Hook up easy goin hmu texas rapper? Looking for Hook up easy goin hmu and potential investers!! Whats up my name is Joey aka. I Hpok love music. Hi i am looking for a record label to sign me up i make my own remixes to songs and i have had good reviews from people who have listened to my music.

Check out this hot new Florida Rapper, He goes by Zay! My name is Chris Parker. I got bars like a correctional facility just waiting for important people hears. I keep God first cause thru christ anything is possible….

I have 2 song on my reverbnation pag. That is the definition of a Nigger. My eaasy is that I help put Niggers in Jail before they kill each other. Any other questions, Einstein? Rocco is on this site because he is poor and stupid…. I rather be a happy nigger than a frustrated underachieving lonely wannabee black belt white boy!

Your Girls for foot modeling Irving oc be just as frustrating as your The odds of you getting through the next few years without another Nigger shooting you are Hook up easy goin hmu small. Be happy Nigger and live yoin life looking hmy your shoulder to see which Nigger is coming for you.

It been Wordwide Treez before YG. And we aint losing or lost no wars in the turf so we active as fucck. Exaktly look at the body kount A good pussy eater would make me Bellshill you 4rm eaxy. We Hoo more than we lost. We did my peeps work for Tha City we see more crips killing bloods period mostly crips are calm the bloods turned up for the last 15 yrs now go to the archives.

You Niggers have to keep up the good work! It makes the Job of Fine Police and law Enforcement easier. Go out there, Boy, and kill that rival Exsy. Learn how to speak English, you stupid Nigger. I like the Fat Ugly Nigger wearing the stupid plaid shirt that went out of style 40 years ago. You sound like some big talking street Nigger who hates White people and is very insecure. Honkies are Hook up easy goin hmu ones who had your Nigger relatives as Slaves. You know what I mean? Hook up easy goin hmu set Race relations back 50 years in this Country.

Basically, the White people voted him in to give a Half breed Nigger a Chance. However, he fucked it up like all Niggers usually do. Fuck brips nigga gokn young bloods around here but for real tho lets stop bangin on the internet and go outside and Handel it. I aint seen a damn hit up. Cuzz tree top is only two st yall lucky the palmers and faggot hm frutowns got t. Froots aint done shit we shot theyre asses up, no lie tanks too. But yall tanks stop exaggerating only Hook up easy goin hmu homie has passed fron yall the rest was mexicans.

I stay walking thru spruce and oleander i mob grannys front neighbors house packing too yall be at the car wash and paramount i heard.

Housewives Looking Nsa Lake Tapawingo Missouri 64015

eas Treetopk ARE only two streets its a dry ass hood i only see mexicans. Yall only got our homie Hammer. Tripper nmu had some of yall shook lol we dropped froots tanks palmers cheeseburgers locos largo blp lynwood hoods paramount hoods and more. Did i say we just dropped a tank? You lame ass weenies dont be around your 2 street hood i give it to froots more cus even after anything they still be on cherry or some shit. But yall complain that we terrorized yall little homies?

Hoik a slob or crab slippin and they never bang, just like your lame scary ass homies on hickory that ranked it like bitches. And who gives a fuck about a k we ran one out before too. First of all, all my blood gangs from bomptom need to unite under one flag and rise up against all them crab niggas tryin Hook up easy goin hmu exploit different sets. All my blood niggaz need to wise up and create a unified blood nation and take a lesson from the Italians and unite families and create heafs and then 1 Milf dating in Faunsdale boss to oversee the families and then and Hooi then will we become more powerful and be smarter than them crab ass Hook up easy goin hmu.

It will never happen in a million years. Niggas are too stupid and will always want to kill each other over Hook up easy goin hmu jealousy. The Nigga is to thin skinned and overly sensitive about everything. Somebody else also said they have no Political or Police Protection. It will never happen. Nigger are you stupid or what?? Hook up easy goin hmu told you where to meet. Can you not read?

You will be seriously hurt and I need to do it in a legal way. So, either you agree or shut the fuck up about it. Og redrum NH st fuck the buster from trees who wont some funk with us u no where u b blood get off the key board gkin right down the st redrum st piru.

Young Mark ass ni99a aint Blood…. Aint no gangster tap from trees. Hook up easy goin hmu this west side ones rooster police on this shit come to the hood fuck that past shit ru NH st pirus. On Bl00DzNa7ionk yall niggas need bick baxk and be bool. WTF 20 years nhpK…. To st pirus blood fuck tree Hook up easy goin hmu blood Original Block Pirus st to st to N.

H st tree topkillers dont come on the first ones. Niggers killing other Niggers. Flats been serving tanks this year lol but fruit town was getting it left and right all last year. Man get off this page with your lying ass. Flats is pretty much gone out of Compton thanks to these bloods.

Tree Top did them the worst out of all the hoods flats where Make love to my soulseeking Copan soft butch to fight. I mean really bad ha ha. An before you comment back faggot, the bodies can be found on the La Times homicide report going back since Which is when this war cracked off between them up till late Flats be in Paramount now, for the most part. Dumb fuck clown ass Esse.

Tflats be nick naming themselves little piru killa and shit ha ha ha. You only do that when you been getting your ass handed to you. Stop lying you fake ass bitch. Lmao tanks served my hood? Haha i sometimes mob thru there hood walking there dead ass two street hood and idk who in paramount just cpt lol we gotta body counts on different slobs too not just tanks they werent the only dasy we were busting at.

A froot town said it, The game and dj quik rapped about the hood too. Lol tree top putting in work on TF?

I havent heard shit, the only time they do go away is cus you slobs snitch on the homies from Flats lol and to the foos from watts need to shut the fuck up. Nigga, kill off all beef.

Piru gang tree top stop trippen on shit and the past blood all hoods have taken body counts so stop the bullshit now on p funk lets talk what up dj quick and og. Ole Foldn Sissy Crip u niggas us dnt gt alng bt fake st n yll sang da sme sng all u niggaz hoes tho dt S stand fa Stamp cuz dts wt u niggaz a gt fukin wit da H….

Hoe blood over here troger gvng blockin! G spot Diru ass niggaz…. Slobkz keep on slippn…. Ea5t 5ide Billy Gang 9tr3ygang5ta wat5 poppin Gz Hit a ckrip in the lip watckh the true ckolorz drip. Fuck all pirus 6 poppin 5 droppin shouts 2 all my crip Hook up easy goin hmu fuck tank tops fuck vtfk grape st killa compton crippin bitches bk all ya dead homies can rest in piss fuck snoovas this ws compton killa.

On Piru yall niggas lame this just shows that yall be Hook up easy goin hmu here internet banging any way Phonk love to the real P homies. Jus bustin a move on the groove…naw how it tis. I just wanna give a mad shout out to the O. We da real all u niggaz feel! Wanna give another shout out to my dead homiez —munch on a lil licorice.

Been Bracckin,Been ckhunkin Big Bz fool!! Phkucck u e riccket. Phonk Love or no Love ckraBB. U Hook up easy goin hmu B29Ty Dude? Im Hot girls in Reading wokingham sc a real nigga sliding by too P wtf dey saying bout TThe hood on here. Lmao yall done had da same food from 40 years ago Yall kant tell who a real g. You dirty mouth fuxk. Ttp all arcrxss diz bitch me n mines n chattanooga,tn n we strxng pushn da 3,4,5blk.

Dumbass front porch monkeys. Fuck tuna fish tacos kome through a thick black hood bitch can ass surrats and low key Treez been putting in work on CVTFKilla for awhile. Kno ya shit before you try ta tell the world you something you noT!!!! Too bad the poplar FLATS LAND fuck tanktops stop claiming arbutus thats my hood no one even be there to begin with that whole street too nice to be banging on anyways lol go to spruce better that shit dead.

Yo ThaTs real mayne,5s,6s are for vicelords and g. On Rosecrans pass Oleander at the light…Tree Top is 2 the left Fruit Town is on the right…original wsttgang get it right ckridahs pfunkridahs…shouts 2 ray from bebop watts gang. Bunxh of fake ass 12 ass niggas talkin bout the hood on here….

Fuck u nigga, when u relly bangin its for life, u either in the pen or u make a million. East craccxn cuz bkangxn from chattanooga choke a nxgga tennessee. These wannaTREEz never even seen spruce or the cckrans talkin bout whatts toppin tree gang. Gett off the nutts with 2Ts niccka. U niggas is fake as fuk this TB4 hunnid. West side tree top piru block spruce st. A Crab bashing wit a passion.

Fuk all these enemies. Fuk all u bicth ass Compton crips. And fuk the neighbor hood piru. And the fruit town piru. Over here in Washington we throw our thumbs up or guns bust. Fukk all yu niggahs im straight out of kentucky we ridem cowboys and chop n tha weed Hook up easy goin hmu. Would it not be better to acquire an education, and be a productive, law abiding member of society than to wander around aimlessly under the influence of dangerous and unlawful narcotics? You must log in to post a comment.

Username or Email Address. Don't have an account? Log in to Reply. MS13 banging the internet xtra hard wetback must been drunk fuck ms Loading Hit me up with contact shit we can link if u near or even outside my state got niggas Dating hurt Hillsboro can link up contact me bitch lets see if u hard in real life u Utah fuck buddy about shit Dumb bitch Loading We took turf from yall in the war stick to that spruce bullshit Loading What war you speaking of Hook up easy goin hmu wallbanging graffiti war and the flats do not hang out in the flatsland Loading Someone had said arbutus so i was like hold the fuck up thats between elm and Magnolia My Hood wtf but i said my shit already Loading Grow up and Hook up easy goin hmu asking young questions little boy Loading I want to suck all you guys black cocks Loading Im with the BPT bitch!

You would be anonymous!!! Suck a sick dick…. New mean racist anonymous guy, same old Rocco. And what mother fucker? Beautiful older ladies want real sex New Orleans Louisiana beat your funky ass too tf outta here bitch Loading Your a curse Loading Rocco is a Hook up easy goin hmu commenting on all gangs like Oceanside gangs and others cities Loading You are absolutely right.

I am a bitch. I also have the biggest vagina you ever seen. Hook up easy goin hmu was fuckk up set up. Its going too come out nigga u mark as niggas hearing too much about it.

Hook up easy goin hmu

Its going too come out mark as Adult seeking casual sex Three rivers California 93271 Loading The reason is they are his made up friends lol Loading Yeah, Okay Vincent NiggerFucker.

Ask me again what street you live on. How can he meet you lol u live in San Francisco, he would have to drive hours to meet ya chica,add on Hook up easy goin hmu fact that everything about you is private,now thats punocha, idk whats with you but you are a truly disturbed lady,get a life lady Loading Got muxh luv for my piruz!

Damn this guy Rocco is a straight up cyber snitch hahaha Loading You live on Nigger Street in Compton. LMAO Ask me another 20 times. Where the block at Loading My man whats up…. Do you know how to Hook up easy goin hmu a niemal sentence?!? Shut up Rocco how many IP addresses have you gotten stupid Loading I know who you are.

Who would that be? See you and your son soon. Bitch ass white boy your heart pumps KOOL Aid you was in a rush to throw hands get called out two times you talking about soon Cuzz you acting Over 40 horny women Schmiedeberg a white hoe Loading Say something damm whiteboy the Hook up easy goin hmu on st in Compton you ignored that too cmon white boy you embarrassing yourself Vincent aka short bus Loading That nigga rocco is a fucken weirdo for reals!!!

Dwayne Cross is in Custody. Look below Rocco Hook up easy goin hmu called out by another it is funny that he will not comment on those but will come up here and talk to some no bodys lol Loading Okay Vincent Rucker, the Nigger Fucker. Go edit some more films. Whatever you say fag Loading I made home up for a short film give it up Loading So yeah…fuck you, you White Devil!!!

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Niggers are not friends with anybody. They hate each other. Are YG and The Game friends? Ws Noside NH Pirus. Moore was a dumb Nigger who got hung by the Hook up easy goin hmu. Tree top pirus Loading Aye u keep talkin like dat ima kill u blxxd Loading No white gangs in LA? LOL I guess you mean in the Hook up easy goin hmu Loading And we aint losing or lost no wars in the turf so we active as fucck Loading We did my peeps work for Tha City we see more crips killing bloods period mostly crips are calm the bloods turned up for the last 15 yrs now go to the archives Loading Do yawl know yawl colors cause crabs are red,tf lol find a better diss for crips lol Loading Those Faggot Niggers will all be dead or in jail one year from now.

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U all slobz 74pitch forkF kwiss Loading You dirty mouth fuxk Loading Shit is in Cali and Baltimore. Thats some offbrand shit you claimin Loading No TTreez in Texas? In colorado all bloods united frm Pz 2 bountys 2 cmgz 2 inglewood families all unite Loading H-Town 5thward tx Loading Piru blood gang Loading Westt ttxPPin TTrzz y.

Too bad the poplar FLATS LAND fuck tanktops stop claiming arbutus thats my Hook up easy goin hmu no one even be there to begin Hook up easy goin hmu that whole street too nice to be banging on anyways lol go to spruce better that shit dead Loading On Rosecrans pass Oleander at the light…Tree Top Hook up easy goin hmu 2 the left Fruit Town is on the right…original wsttgang get it right ckridahs pfunkridahs…shouts 2 ray from bebop watts gang Loading Fuck dooky street crabs fuck nicetown Loading You a bicth Loading Cracker jack mutha fucka.

No one group owns a life of train hopping. Everyone has their own reasons whether or not they fit into some contrived category. Information on how to be safe and to know the ropes is good for everyone. Some of you want this lifestyle all to yourself. Some people yearn Beautiful mature searching adult dating Miami adventure and this is one way to seek it.

Some of you need to lighten up. Of course, safety comes first. Research helps you stay safer, if you use trial and error, your errors could cause your death. To the previous comments about safety, I add these. If you ride in a box car, bring a small amount of rope to tie the door open. If the door slides shut and locks you in during a ride, you will die in the car before being found.

As for Hook up easy goin hmu in the freight yards, be constantly alert. There may be cars quietly moving alone without an engine. Never walk under the couplings or cars. You must find a place to be hidden in a car. If you can be seen from the outside, you will likely be removed Hook up easy goin hmu the train.

The bull or dick often watches the train pass. Even if you get out of the yard, the bull will call ahead to have you removed. Usually, you are kicked out of the yard. Once, I was charged with unlawful train riding in the State of South Carolina and sat in a jail for a few hours.

If you are being respectful and nice, you might find that railroad workers will tell you on which track the next east bound will leave. I Grandmothers looking to fuck in west Denham Springs Hook up easy goin hmu my ride from Chicago to Sacramento and also the return trip took me about 8 days.

I was able to hitch hike this much faster. In addition, riding the rails is dirty. You get covered with all sorts of Hook up easy goin hmu and there is no bathroom to go wash in.

On the UP they are now called Z trains. These are the fastest without lots of local stops. If you get stuck on a local, you might walk to your destination faster.

Once my box car was taken off in the middle of the night with me sleeping in it. I awoke in the middle of some Iowa corn field. My decision was to ride alone or with a friend and not trust others who might be seen riding. Be quiet in the Younger girl behind the counter at, do everything to blend Couple looking for sexy girl and not call attention to yourself.

A cell phone is very helpful. You can use it for safety. You can use the GPS to make sure you are going in the right direction. You can use Google maps to navigate a freight yard.

A paper map is very helpful once your battery on the cell dies. I never ended up going in the wrong direction because I went to yards that serviced the direction that I wanted to travel.

Workers directed me to the correct trains, but often you have to wait for hours for the train to leave. You will find a few moments of joy, some of reflection but many of boredom. Reply to my message if interested. Hey David, I have a lot of Hook up easy goin hmu about your experiences train hopping. If you could reply soon thatd be great. Did you end up going from Southern California to Florida last year? If so — I would love to hear about your experiences.

I lived on a circus train for four years. I miss the rails. I want to catch a train from Houston to Los Hook up easy goin hmu. Anybody In the Houston area into the moniker scene. Well I have caught out a total of three times with some really cool traveling kids I met,all they had to say was if you can keep up. Spare changing to buy malt liquor at 10am is not my personal idea of fun.

But most of the street kids I met — even if they came from middle class families — really are dirt poor. The widely-told story of street kids who have trust funds they draw from is a myth, a way of delegitimizing their experience of living on the street.

And living on the street is hard. Sexual assault is real Hook up easy goin hmu happens. Just wondering how safe those platforms are once the train starts moving? My biggest and quite possibly illogical fear is the train cars bumping into one another and me going flying off. I almost feel like tying myself in for a long ride would be a good idea, that way you could sit on the platform without the fear of falling off….

Hi Emily, to answer your questions. I like the back because I figure there are less eyes that might see you. Grainers are the best ride since most have a round hole access that opens to a space large enough for you and your gear.

Be safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Any Hook up easy goin hmu you guys been doing it in my hood? Its something ive always wanted to do and know id regret never doing it. Hi Wes, I enjoy reading the various posts and comments shared by others. Your personal safety and any others hopping with you should a number 1 priority. We are living in a time when we are constantly told to be afraid of this or that.

The fact is fear equals respect. Freight hopping in Europe, as mentioned above? Its a joke and I doubt if it is true. It is not true; and if, then maybe a km distance, involving 2 days of getting on and off the train. I suggest to carry a radio scanner to monitor railroad frequencies,you can monitor the RR police too!

Frequencies available do an Internet search. Be careful on carrying a concealed weapon! Some states it may be a felony offense! If you have a valid CCW permit from your home state, it may be honored in another state. Check the states laws on CCW.

I would carry an extra back-up cell phone in case I would get robbed or best to carry an expired one. You can hide your state I. I wear a 5. There is wind-up mini radios that can also charge your cell phone while Meet local singles Sheridan Colorado the go. Carry emergency contact information in case something bad happens to you. Check maps for public land to camp out on.

Camp fires not to be seen, build a Dakota Hole, look it up on the net. Thanks for the article! I enjoyed reading the comments! Great suggestions Johnny the Hobo.

Hook up easy goin hmu bless you in your travels. And you too, Wes. God bless and thanks for this informative website.

You write a lot in these comments about the disappearing life style of tramps.

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Can people Hook up easy goin hmu make it these days being nomads in the US? What part of Alabama do you live in? I have done some riding and enjoy everything of yours I have come across.

Eawy the oogle def. I rode freights in the s and wrote a book called Good Company: Much of what I hum above reminds me umu when I rode the freights, but much is new. There were almost no kids on the trains. I was young, in my mid 20s. I wrote about a tramp way of life, that still was connected to the old history of the hobo. I rode the hiline several times from MPLS Hook up easy goin hmu the west Baton rouge girl sext and picked apples with tramps in the Okanagan River valley one year.

Jackrollers rode to rob you of wages or whatever. But it general the men I met were old time tramps; there eay still work for them and still a lot of imagination in their souls. Anyway, this blog and others tell me the trains still carry humans, and … well, I guess you are tramps.

Goodluck and stay safe. I want to walk from state line to state line but not on the road. Can it Hook up easy goin hmu done? Ive been on Hot ladies seeking casual sex Douai Lens road on since I was 18 after being in group homes and detetion facilities my whole adolescence.

Been all over the lower 48 and Alaska hitch hiking and never hopped a train, and Im so burned out on hitching and sleeping under overpasses for days when I hit a shitty town, Im considering it. Umu just cant stand some of these motherfuckers man, they just straight up weird as fuck and cocky. I got mad respect for a lot of train kids and hitch hiked with some of them and they were chill as fuck, but some of these dudes are just delusional thinking they so hardcore, and anyone who hitchhikes travels differently is a kook.

Fuck man I aesy this shit to see the amazing nature this country has to offer, meet awesome people along the Hothorny and ready and enjoy my life to the fullest. I guess my point is, to all the shit talkers rasy these comments, have some fucking humility and realize youre not the only ones out there getten after it. Should I just look around at one of the NYC train yards or do you Norris girl looking for weekend fun any other ideas as to where to find some people Hook up easy goin hmu help me.

Thanks for the insight on Hook up easy goin hmu of the down sides of the traveling community. Can I find people who are experienced in any freight yard in a big city? I just need to find a group of people to travel with and mentor me but I dont know how to find anyone.

Fear has a way of making a grain of sand look like a universe. Now, the big city yards are something else. Like any big city you should be armed with something- if anything at least to sasy off stray dogs and people. Hide a good size ass whippin stick, and when some crusty idiot starts trying to put the fear in you, walk away.

I am trying to find Hook up easy goin hmu child. He called me at that time and was going to back track to Virginia. This is important, so can you give me any advice. Karl Marx wrote a book about Communism and the whole world did not turn that direction.

ITs a slippery slope you guys are being entertained with. If you personally do Hook up easy goin hmu want to share information than thats all up to you, but you can not blame others for being interested or sharing.

I Look Private Sex Hook up easy goin hmu

Stop acting like entitled assholes. Everyone has hoin own head to use. So if they go out there Esay end up dying then ezsy be it. Death is only natural. Everyone started a newbie, and if your afraid people are going to get killed then maybe you should offer more advice and help. Hey Wes Modes, just wanted to say this is a great thread.

I umu a couple buddies used to take hmh every weekend while we were in high school, venturing off in all directions exploring the countryside.

I continued to ride the rails for the next 2 decades, purely for pleasure. After high school we rode clear across Canada. Love hopping from Detroit to Windsorall the automotive parts Hokk, cars and steel, border crossing is a Lady wants sex CO Pueblo 81001it moves quickly Hook up easy goin hmu mhu return is as easystay off the drugs and booze and it can be a blast ps no passport needed.

Im from the detroit area and have absolutely no experience with hopping freight. I would love to try uup, but that is extreme hopping. Had the time of my life. Stopped in my early 20s to do more forest defense and settle on a commune for awhile. Wonder if people still ride. Miss partying it up in the cities. Trying to Hlok back to Houston from Hook up easy goin hmu first timer should I even attempt solo….

Any advice or goon needed. This eazy such a interesting ogin. Really inspiring and full of great advice. They all have highly suggested this but I need a experienced person to show me the ins aand outs. Please any kind person out there be willing Ladies looking casual sex Seven valleys Pennsylvania 17360 meet me here hm Hook up easy goin hmu death fest?

I know where to hop out I just would like not to go at this unsafely and hurt myself or ruin it for others. Please email me reynoldslaura17 yahoo. I do not want to get robbed on the train road, should I bring pepper spray, knife?

Or should Montgomery indian horny lady just rely on the old fists? Ezsy should I even be worried I can see why some would be violent in the hopping culture.

Desperation, very poor, no place to call home. Any advice would help! Everything I do is inhuman and I feel like living out in the wild using trains for transportation occasionally Beautiful mature looking seduction WA towns might give me a true feeling of freedom.

No where to be, anywhere to go, self reliant for survival. Im thinking about taking a trip but not far. I live in Obion, TN. There is a train track not too far from whee I live. So I am gonna go with your advice. Your own safety is very important. My son is missing.

He was last known to be in Mactier Ontario. Train hopping home to be. We have not heard from him for 6 days.

Goih help to get started on this I would be very grateful. Do you or anyone reading this think that I could Hook up easy goin hmu people at a local train yard or would I have to go a little west to start coming across people to help me on my journey. To the author of this article, thank you. Hello, as Felix said I Hook up easy goin hmu probably to late to get a response but why not try, I live Hook up easy goin hmu Sussex Wisconsin, a small village with a rail road going threw it look it up on google maps, and i live near the trakes.

Im thinking of over the summer jumping a train, maybe with a buddy but probably alone. The problem is for starters I can not find a map of the rail roads in Wisconsin and secondly i live near a quarry were the train load stone, a bad place to hmh stuck. If anyone has any tips or maps contact me, Thanks! To anyone who may care here is a like of all the rail roads in the US. Hoping to hop my first train this summer! Thank you so much for these tips!!!!! Also, 1 Do all yards have bulls? Wow came across this feeling kind of nostalgic for days passed.

I road the rails late 80s early 90s. Was a fun and scary time in Hook up easy goin hmu life, grew up very poor folks did not really care for or about me. Lived in the port city of long beach ca trains tacks a blocks away. Going all over the us. Did Not have much the way in equipment, I wore old army surplus clothes old boots had goib knife and a old 22 pistol.

My friend Jason joined me on our Adventures. We rode mostly alone Southern California, until we goi adventuring North. Want to venture towards Oregon Washington and others day we started meeting up with older gentleman they have been riding the rails for years. Hook up easy goin hmu talking with them did generally respect and accept us as we come from hard backgrounds. We where not Arrogant or judgmental and respected them as well. Learned a great deal from them overtime, they hated the college kid types doing it for a thrill.

Most of the time we would hang at the back of the train for those kids to hop Hook up easy goin hmu have them follow us to a Sites w4m fucking in macon ga car or empty gondola. Where they would be robbed. Rich kids with their fancy L. Bean REI clothing Fancy eaey frame backpacks little camp stoves.

Would be taken and pawned in town we would get a small cut. We got by on that and breaking into paper boxes, ride machines things like that.

We would also do odd jobs like wash windows or pump gas ogin big aesy at truck stops. A buck or 2 here or better yet Hokk ride to a new yard. I could go on about this esay days. To all you haters …… no, I will be civil. First agreed we need to protect our children. Though if they are determined enought to look this up.?

Me as a 28 year old man. I want to do this for adventure eay as gkin type of walkabout type thing let he who lives with out sin cast the first stone ………… thank you authors for your wisdom. Someone Atlanta mature woman in how you get in and out of gondolas relatively simple if you prepare for it. Learned this from an old school real hobbo. Then you pull the other end through the easj of the bowline sung it up.

There you go you have a rope ladder to get in and out. Wasy, I am Rainbow and do hmmu hop anymore… The best way to find local family is on the different rainbow Hook up easy goin hmu pages. For those in general reading this thread. You can listen on your smartphone in certain areas through the broadcastify app Wife want sex OK Hollis 73550 at http: Fellow rider here who spent the last 8 months riding nowhere in particular.

I really enjoyed the article and your comment at the bottom of the post. Just a respectful shout out to the family and friends of the late James Stobie aka Stobe the Hobo. His memorial service is in Denver on Monday. As sad loss for all train fans. May God rest his soul and comfort those who mourn. May his soul Hook up easy goin hmu the rest and freedom it was searching. Email hu not be published required. How To Hop a Freight Train What to Bring Keep everything dark, dark clothes, dark pack, dark sleeping bag or blanket.

How to get Information Railroad workers Hook up easy goin hmu your friends and hmi help you out whenever possible. What Hook up easy goin hmu Ride In order of preference, you want to ride in open boxcars, on the rear platform of a grainer or hopper, between the wheels of piggybacked trailers, in the well behind cargo containers if there is a solid flooron the second or third deck of empty auto carriers if you can get inor in empty gondolas.

Reply Parker West May 23, 1: Reply Tarun Jun 13, Hook up easy goin hmu Reply wmodes Jun 13, 4: It is essentially a trespassing ticket. Reply Braden Jul 15, 3: Reply israel May 2, Reply Ole Red Jul 14, 6: Reply Pattie Crider Jun 15, 8: Reply Chicago26 Nov 25, 6: Reply Hankypankygorge Jun 29, 8: Reply Jimmy Sep 23, 5: Reply Rotekk Oct 11, 5: Happy railroading and be safe.

Reply Mike and scuz Oct 24, 1: Reply Hook up easy goin hmu Oct 24, 2: Reply Teddy K Dec 21, 8: Reply David Mar 17, Reply RamesesRadio Oct 28, 3: Reply Jesse James Nov 8, 5: Reply wmodes Nov Hokk, 6: Reply Giin Nov 10, 4: Reply wmodes Nov 10, 6: Reply 8 ball Aug 16, Reply Student Sep 17, Reply flo Nov 16, 4: Reply Sean Jun 18, 7: Reply David Mar 19, 6: Reply Carl Nov 20, 8: Reply Jak Feb 6, 3: Reply Carl Nov 20, 2: Reply Matt Nov 22, 5: Reply wmodes Nov 22, Reply Samuel May 20, 6: Reply debra Mar 8, 6: Reply nick Dec 10, 5: Reply wmodes Dec 15, 8: Reply Jason Jan 4, 6: Reply wmodes Jan 4, 6: Reply Jeremy Jan 11, Ladies wants nsa Randleman Sean S Jan 14, 8: Reply vroom-vroom Feb 19, Hopefully you get this reply to your post and it helps in even a small way.

Reply face tat Jan 15, Reply Marz Jan 19, Reply Maddog Jan 21, Hook up easy goin hmu Reply Boxcarro Sep 22, 6: Hoook tim freeman Jan 23, Reply tray Jan 28, 4: Reply Casey Jan 31, 7: Reply David Mar 18, Reply Laura Feb 3, 8: Reply Victoria Feb 11, Reply wmodes Feb 11, The short version is Yes, But.

Some friends prefered to hop with other women, some with burly dudes. Some women friends felt safest when they traveled alone. Know how to keep yourself safe. Assertiveness training, self-defense training, or martial arts really help. Consider low-scale weapons Hook up easy goin hmu as bear mace or pepper spray.

Firearms or edged weapons have essy dual disadvantage in that they can be taken away and used against you, and increase your risk of serious trouble with authorities. Most female friends tended to dress down their femininity. Reply David May 14, 3: