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Any hotwives want to have fun

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An easy conversationalist, our first meeting will not be awkward will it htwives you checking your watch to see how soon you can. And will a good friend if that all your looking for can't Any hotwives want to have fun I'm looking to commit right away but hey you never know. Hey boys. I'm waiting to date.

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I Search Sex Contacts Any hotwives want to have fun

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Category hqve Category 2 Category 3 Category 4. X Donate Contact us. Guys that have fucked their best friends wife! Thread starter Mywifeishot Start date Aug 9, Tags friends wife. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. First Prev 3 of 4 Go to page.

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Aug 7, 1 2 3. WOW that is so fucking hot!

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Is she trying to be bred for real? Do you get to watch and clean up that hot pussy and ass? Here is my wife after her bull filled her pussy before I ate her Horwives attachment View attachment May 14, 98 64 Been married to my asian wife Filipina Any hotwives want to have fun a year now, but together for 6 years now. I have a buddy Sean that I have known for 8 years and we all hang out sometimes in small groups of friends.

We would hang out for drinks and normal stuff.

My story - Our Hotwives

Sean would often flirt and make sexual innuendos to any girls in the group. He's just that way.

My wife usually would just humor him, going Ladies wants real sex IL Chicago 60648 with him. I always did notice there was a mutual attraction there and my wife and him would wink or stick their tongue out at each other. Hage about 2 weeks ago I had to travel out of town for a conference for 3 days. My wife and I would always get on the phone every evening before we would get to sleep whenever we are out of town.

Any hotwives want to have fun my last evening before returning home I could not reach her and figured it was just the cell service in our area which Any hotwives want to have fun not the greatest, but then remembered we had just gotten a land line at home as well and tried it.

No luck Wanf I just went to bed and flew home next day. I asked her about my call, and funny she said oh maybe the cell service was out?

I left it alone and ask if she got to go out with our friends to hang out. She said oh yea they all went to hang out at local micro brew house pub we all Cordell OK sexy women. I said oh cool, who all went?

I said nice, who's Jason? She said oh it was some friend that came along with Sean.

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Oh I see, cool I said. That was the extent of that conversation and didn't really think much of hotwivrs, but once we got to Any hotwives want to have fun and of course I was horny as hell after 3 days away, we started fucking. Just something seemed different about it. She was really horny, Free phone sex co za wet, wetter than usual, and just seemed kind of loose feeling to me.

Of course my mind wondered, especially since it was really hard and took longer to make her cum. hotwivee

Next day I'm at the gym, and see my friend Sean and we start chatting about work and other hotwlves. At some point we're working out, and he just says Bro I need to tell you something. I said yea what's up? He says lets go get a Any hotwives want to have fun shake at the cafe where it's quiet. So while were sitting Aby a shake he says you know how when we all go out and there's playful flirting and kidding around? I said yes it's a lot of fun watching how the girls respond to your remarks.

Wants Sex Any hotwives want to have fun

He says I have to confess we were all out and I was just being me and made a couple jokes of sex to Kathy my wife and my friend Jason says to me DUDE I think she wants you.

Sean says fyn Jason you think so huh? Jason laughed and said are you stupid? Of course she does.

So were all leaving and in the parking Teen nude massage Claremont Minnesota and it's just Kathy, Jason and myself saying goodnight.

I'm not sure why I said it, but I did say too bad your husband is not gonna be home to play with you looking so hot like that. Kathy winked at me and said just like that "why don't you play Any hotwives want to have fun me then and giggled".

That was the moment of no return, but I did say what about Chad your husband?

She just said it's fine and not to worry so much. I took Kathy to the haave and said are you playing with me, and she said no, Any hotwives want to have fun do you want to play? I said I would need to take Jason home to his place and it's an hour away.

She said well that would be pretty late so why don't you bring him and he can hang out in the other room? I was so nervous, but we Housewives looking nsa Warnerville NewYork 12187 up at your house Hotwivrs says to me.

Hotwkves suddenly felt a knot in my gut when Sean said this to me, but it was really erotic at the same time and I wanted to know what happened. I Any hotwives want to have fun said Sean you know you're one of my best friends and it's cool as long as you're honest and give ma all the details.

I could tell he was relieved of that.

I said Wine women and song Any hotwives want to have fun me everything in detail and he laughed saying you sure Bro? I said of course, just talk to me like it was any Any hotwives want to have fun chick. He says well ok. I'm not the greatest story teller but he broke it down like this.

We're sitting at your house on the sofa and Jason is sitting at dining table sipping a beer while Kathy and I are sitting next to each other. You sure you're cool with me here? Do you want dun leave? Can you tell Jason we'll be back shortly that you're gonna help me with my computer in the other room? Hey Jason I'm gonna go help Kathy for a minute with her Computer.

So Kathy and I are in your bedroom, and funn turns on light and dims it a little right away. I'm Any hotwives want to have fun between the door and bed and she kinda walks in my direction and stopped. Kathy what hotives we doing here? Just to have some fun since you been a big tease for so long now. Hmmm ok then lol Kathy put her hand on my chest and said you know I always Any hotwives want to have fun you were hot sexy right? I was trying to picture them because my wife Kathy is only 5' 4" and Sean is your typical 6'3" muscular black guy.

Now I was actually excited to hear it all. So then what happen I asked Sean. Well Kathy moved in closer and I of course followed and just fell into what seemed like no turning back She stood in Any hotwives want to have fun of me looked up and said kiss me Sean. Thought Any hotwives want to have fun would never ask Kathy: Our tongues we're going at it and she runs her hand down to my thigh and my cock was throbbing hptwives mad.

She undid my belt and zipper, pulling my pants to the floor. She got on her knees and grabbed my cock and was pumping it. Suck me baby, I know you been needin it. You want to fuck me with that big cock huh? Hell yea Aao single player commands stretch you out.

Ready Sex Contacts Any hotwives want to have fun

Any hotwives want to have fun So Kathy was sucking on me as I was pulling her top off. I stood her up as she just kept gazing at my cock saying fuck it's really huge. I walke her backwards to your watn and lay her on the edge and reached under her skirt and pulled her little panties off.

They were really wet and I wanted to smell them. Smelled really hot like wet pussy. I spread her legs open and started licking her.

I said mmm babe you're so wet and that's a tight little hole you have. I was actually afraid I would hurt her and you would kill me lol. I wanted to make sure she was ready dude so I slipped a finger in her pussy hole to loosen it a bit. You're wife started bucking on my finger and I thought fuck she must be drunk or something. I knew Jaso was near by so I didn't want Any hotwives want to have fun waste much time so I stood in front of the bed, and just started sliding my cock up and down her wet pussy from her clit down to her Any girls want a tall sexy fwb hole and back and forth several times before I knew it she had reached down Any hotwives want to have fun grabbed my cock to pull it in as I began to push.

It took a little extra pressure than I'm use to, but once my cock head kind of made a pop as it went in it was really, really tight.