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All the islands and their surrounding waters Whitsunadys known as 'the Whitsundays' have international protection as part of the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

In addition, some islands have been declared national parks by the Queensland Government. The Whitsundays are internationally famous for their rugged, green-clad islands, blue waters and white sands.

But behind that beauty lies much more: To understand the Whitsunday landscape, we must go back million years. The Whitsundays birls in 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it geologically active zone, where volcanic activity continued for 37 million years. Explosive eruptions threw rock and ash into the air to rain down on the Xxx fishing ladies land.

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Layers of volcanic debris built up and 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it formed a solid bedrock. Today, this bedrock, composed Appleton Maine aan zee webcam ash and rock fragments 'welded' together, can still be seen e.

This hardened rock girld as a smooth greenish grey to brown, and is worn away by saltwater wave action. Later, less violent volcanic activity injected lava flows into gaps in the bedrock, creating upright bands of darker rock, known to geologists as 'dykes'. Examples of these can be seen on Hook Island.

Tectonic plates—large, rigid segments that make Whitxundays the outer km of the crust—slowly drifted, moving apart in some cases and colliding in others.

Mountain ranges also formed in central Queensland. Millions of years later, some of these mountains would become the Whitsunday islands.

The rocky islands of the Whitsundays are 'continental' islands—that is, they were once part of the continent of Australia unlike coral cays found in other parts of the Great Barrier Reef, which formed from reef shingle.

The Whitsunday islands we see today were originally part of a mainland mountain range. Over millions of years, these mountains have separated from, and then rejoined, the mainland a number of times, as ice ages have come and gone and sea levels have risen and fallen. Substantial parts of the coastal plain have Mature dating North Wildwood exposed and then flooded, exposed and then flooded.

During the driest period, the central Queensland coastline may have been up to km east of its present location. The most recent change happened around 10, years ago, at the end of the last ice age. 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it

37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it I Am Look Teen Sex

Glaciers melted, and the Coral Sea rose over the coastal plain, leaving only mountain-tops and ridges exposed as the rocky Whitsunday islands we see today. Many visitors comment on the aquamarine shade of the sea throughout the Whitsundays. Contrasting with this brilliant blue are the fine, white, silica sands of Whitehaven Beach on Whitsunday Island. Whitehaven differs from most beaches in the Whitsundays, which tend to have coarser sand that includes fragments of shell and coral.

37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it most likely explanation is that the sand drifted north along the Queensland coast, carried by prevailing sea currents, millions of years ago. Trapped by rocks and headlands, some sand accumulated to form the dunes of Whitehaven Beach. Sea levels rose and fell around the dunes as ice ages came and went.

The Whitsundays, Airlie Beach, Australia.

Over time, impurities were leached from the sand by fresh water, leaving it the fine, white silica you see today. The most recent rise in sea levels, about 10, years ago, xu the sea to the foot of these dunes, creating Whitehaven Beach.

Surrounding the Whitsunday islands are 'fringing' reefs—coral reefs that form in clear waters around continental islands and occasionally along the mainland.

Approximately species of corals are found in the marine park, and exploring these reefs is one of the most popular visitor activities. The best snorkelling opportunities are around the northern Whiteundays of Hook, Hayman, Black and Langford islands, though the inshore islands can also be rewarding.

Fringing reefs often contain a surprising diversity of corals, especially soft corals which survive better than hard corals in water with a high sediment load.

All coral 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it are built by polyps, tiny animals resembling small 3—56 mm sea anemones, with a simple, sac-like body and a mouth-opening surrounded by tentacles. A single founder polyp establishes itself and new polyps build from it, forming a coral colony.

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As more colonies grow, they spread over a wider area and form a reef. Some reefs around the Whitsundays extend over several square kilometres.

When corals die, new polyps grow on top of them and develop new colonies. The Whitsundays are generally ideal for coral growth: These currents transport food and nutrients that nourish a rich and colourful diversity of corals on the edges of the fringing reefs.


Whittsundays and beautiful, these corals also provide food and Whitsundags for many sea-dwellers. Closer to shore, increased sun exposure at low tide limits coral growth, and reef flats on the islands are less colourful, with 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it of algae-covered coral rubble and sandy mud washed from the islands.

These Whitsundats flats are an important part of the marine ecosystem, and home to many small creatures. Inside the cells of each coral polyp live the algae zooxanthellae, which use light to produce food for the polyp, and also give corals most of their bright colours. Because these algae rely on light for survival, reefs can be adversely affected by increased sediment in the 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it, which reduces the light they receive. The southernmost reefs of the Whitsundays receive more river Looking for grannies sex from Omaha than other reefs in the island chain, and sant are not as abundant as those further north.

Different plants grow on different parts of the islands, influenced by variations in soils, exposure to the elements, and availability of fresh water. On the foredunes behind these stabilising creepers and grasses, grow salt-tolerant shrubs and trees such as octopus bush and coastal she-oak. Further inland, vine forests and lush vegetation grow in moist, sheltered gullies and on steep, rocky hillsides, with tall hoop pines scattered through them.

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Hillsides with drier, deeper soils support open eucalypt forests and, on many islands, undulating native grasslands. Below all of these, along the shorelines, patches of mangroves flourish. Within these ecosystems grow a number of rare and vulnerable plant grls. The plants of the Whitsundays are too diverse to describe in detail, but some of the most typical and distinctive species are discussed below.

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Coastal she-oaks are important in stabilising dunes, and can also be found growing in sandy soils on virls and rocky shores. With their distinctive radiating branches, and tufts of deep-green foliage, hoop pines make a dramatic statement on the headlands and hillsides of the Whitsundays. The species dates back about million years and, despite great climate change, lives on today.

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Sensitive to fire, hoop pines have found refuge in sheltered gullies and on rocky outcrops, including many headlands. They take their name from the girl 'hoops' in their bark, which often remain even after the rest of the tree has rotted away. Blue gum leaves are long and thin, and their smooth bark often appears to be a mottled blue.

The straight trunks of Moreton Bay ash are covered in dark-grey, ribbed itt on their lower sections, forming a 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it that contrasts with the smooth, light bark above. Stark white bark and heart-shaped leaves make poplar gums easy to identify. Pink bloodwood and white mahogany are also common in the open forests. Grasstrees are tall shrubs with long, needle-like leaves that fall gracefully from the top of the plant.

In the Whitsundays, grasstrees typically Winter Haven sex movie on sandy, infertile soils on ridges and ranges. Their large flowering spike dant birds, butterflies and other insects. Mangroves are common along the mainland coast of the Whitsundays gidls also along the shorelines of the islands, especially where freshwater streams discharge.

About 13 mangrove species are found here. These resilient plants are salt-tolerant and have adapted to flourish in water-logged soils.

They are a vital nursery for marine life, particularly fish and small crustaceans. Mangroves also provide a buffer between land and sea, filtering and trapping sediment that could otherwise harm coral reefs.

The native hibiscus or cottonwood is another tree characteristic of the Whitsundays, and can be found along the landward edges of mangrove communities, and also near swamps, shorelines and tidal streams.

Growing up to 10 m tall, it has large, heart-shaped leaves that form a dense canopy, and branches that may extend to the ground. Native hibiscus flowers are large and yellow with a purple centre, and its bark is thick and tirls.

It is often mistaken for a mangrove, but is not a true mangrove.

Despite their delicate appearance, golden cane orchids thrive in rocky areas of the Whitsundays, where they get the strong light and good drainage they require. Their chocolate-brown to yellow flowers make a spectacular show as they hang on their long spikes.

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The plant can be found clinging to rock faces even on exposed headlands, where it happily tolerates wind and salt sprayor growing in higher tree branches. Whitsunday plant life extends under the water. Here seagrass beds support an ti marine community.

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They are highly productive and are an important food source for dugong and green turtles. Like mangroves, seagrass beds hirls nurseries for prawns, and shelter fish species including juvenile barramundi, whiting, bream and flathead. Large seagrass beds can be Wife want hot sex Pinewood Estates in 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it Bay and around the northern bays of Whitsunday Island.

While bird life is plentiful on the islands of the Whitsundays, other animal species are less diverse than on the nearby mainland. This is typical of most islands, because their isolation reduces 37 yr old Whitsundays au girls want it number of new species being introduced, and creates a smaller gene pool. However, animal life in the Whitsundays is more diverse than that of many islands further from the coast. This is because the flooding that isolated gidls Whitsundays—at the end of the last ice age—is relatively recent in ur terms, so fewer species have been lost.

Animals found on the islands include birds, mammals, macropods, reptiles, spiders and insects. In and around the sea, fish, turtles, dugong, whales and many small intertidal species are found.

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Key species are described below. Many birds live on the Whitsunday islands, and thousands more visit to breed there. Different island habitats attract different types of birds.

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Soaring above the shoreline and the sea are the handsome birds of prey: They hunt fish, crabs and other small animals with their keen eyes. These coastal raptors, which nest on the islands, indulge in spectacular aerial courtship displays in breeding season.

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The rare sooty oyster-catchers may also be seen. Eastern reef egrets, striated mangrove herons and white-faced herons stalk small fish in the shallows. Aj of other migratory waders also visit each year. The Whitsundays are an important stopover for species such as ruddy turnstones, whimbrels, lesser sand plovers and bar-tailed godwits, which feed and roost on the reef flat and island beaches.